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Your Chef - Leslie

Leslie is the founder and creator of 'Massage Chef'.


With over 18 years in the hospitality industry, Leslie's experience and creations have had her work in some outstanding restaurants and now she brings her amazing talents to your diner table.


Leslie will provide you and your guests with exceptional food and ensure your get together will be one to be remembered for a long time.

Your Massuse - Sara

Originally from the UK, Sara decided to bring her amazing hands over here to Australia and share her magic with people in their own homes.


Seeing the fantastic concept that Leslie had created, it was a perfect fit and now they have joined their talents to provide excellent dinner parties and luncheons for people looking to do something that adds immense value to their gathering. 

Your Medium - Samantha

Having one of Australia's best Clairvoyants and Mediums as part of 'Massage Chef' has been an absolute treasure. Samantha Brown who has worked closely with 'Greg Riley' is a woman in high demand and has her audiences asking for more.


You and your friends will enjoy what Samantha will share and will have everyone discovering more about themselves.


Samantha definitely brings great fun and value to the table!  

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